Explore the beauty of glass at Arkansas Craft School

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Learn the basics of Glass Bead Making in the first single day class. Tom Holland will cover the basic techniques, skills, and safety practices needed to create glass beads.

In the second, two day class, students who have taken the beginning class or have previous experience in bead making are welcomed to expand their skills. Sage offers plenty of individualized attention as students learn techniques such as a wide range of dot techniques including rosettes and masking dots, stacked or horned dots, feathered, spiraled, or floral dot work. Other techniques deal with stringer control including cased stringers and multiple color ribbon stringers.
The list continues with silvered glass, vessel beads, large disks with surface details, fancy fish, face beads, blown bead marbles and more.

Arkansas Craft School
P.O. Box 2694
110 E Main Street
Mountain View, AR 72560

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Cathy Drew is a long time resident of the region that she loves to promote! As a matter of fact, she was born in Downtown Batesville in the late ’60s in one of the eight counties she now loves to encourage people to visit. Drew states, “it is a pleasure to encourage people to visit the region that has been part of my entire life, what better career than being able to promote tourism in the region I call home!”
Drew is married to her husband of 25 years, Jeff Drew. She has one step-son – Corey Richardson, his wife Lydia and their daughter Zaya and their son Nathaniel . Jeff and Cathy also have a son, Jonathon (Jon) Drew and his fiancé Devyn Stewart and their son Jase. Of course Drew can’t skip the other part of her family, the pets! Lady Bird (a stray that was welcomed into their home in 2012) and of course Howard – the puppy was compliments of Lady Bird shortly after arrival at the Drew home.
Drew has been involved with the Ozark Gateway Region since 1990 when she began work for the Media Market, Inc. which was the ad agency for the region. She worked for 10 years helping produce the region tabloid. In 2000, she stepped into the the Executive Director position for the region and has worked to see the region prosper. Soon after her new position she helped the region change from the old paper tabloid look to a nice color magazine format that is more user friendly and something visitors want to keep for years to come. She also helped the region get a more user friendly website and has been working since then making sure the region is doing all it can to make it easy for those interested in the area to find useful information at their fingertips.
Drew has been a member of the Batesville Rotary Club since June of 2000 and is recognized as a past president of the club as well as a two time Rotary Paul Harris Fellow and also the 2009-2010 Batesville Rotary Club Rotarian of the Year.
Cathy also is part of the Arkansas Travel Council where she has served as a board member since 2001. She recently accepted a position as a board member for the Ozark Foothills Film Fest.
Cathy and her husband Jeff enjoy touring the Ozark Gateway Region on their motorcycle. “It is so much fun riding around this beautiful region with the wind in your hair and the chance to view the scenic beauty we sometimes take for granted. We live in one of the most beautiful area’s and I enjoy any chance to take advantage and simply take a weekend ride across this beautiful area!” Add me to your G+